vrijdag 13 maart 2009

Het interview met Malcolm David Kelley (Walt)

Wij kregen de unieke kans om Malcolm David Kelley te interviewen. Hier hebben we optimaal gebruik van gemaakt, want het resultaat mag er wezen!

OPGELET: Het volgende interview bevat spoilers.

As a young actor, what was the most important thing you learned when you were working so closely with many phenomenal actors as Terry O'Quinn, Dominic Monaghan etc.?
I have learned so many things working with so many great actors. The most important though would be how Dominic really taught me how to get into my character in real life. When i first started acting, I didn't realize how important it was to become your character, and he taught me how to do that from his years of experience.

How soon did you know you would return for The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham?
Damon Lindelof, a producer, contacted me and told me they were going to need me to Hawaii for a week or so. I wasn't told anything beyond that, but I knew at that point from the lack of information, that I was going to be in the show, and not just coming back for a cast engagement. They really arn't kidding when they say even if you die or get off they island your story isn't done.

Is it true you already filmed a scene from the season 6 finale because you were aging too much?

Apart from episode 7 of season 5, will you appear on the show more often?
I sure hope to, but for obvious reasons, I can not comment of specific appearances.

Is there even a chance you will be a regular again in the final season?
Again, I would love to. But thats not up to me.

Do you keep up with the show as a fan?
I really love the show, and am very interested in it. I have to watch the show for "work", but I guess that means I have the best job ever because I love the show.

Did you ever film scenes as a flashback related to Walt’s time with the Others? Scenes we are possibly going to see?

What did Ms. Klugh from the Others mean when she said Walt appeared in place he wasn’t supposed to be?
You know about as much about that as I do.

What happened when Walt was in Room 23? And what is Room 23?
Wait and see.

Are all the Walt-mysteries going to be solved? (Dead birds, the Others, whispering in the jungle all wet)
The producers have said many times that they really hope to solve the whole Walt story, and in time I believe they will.

Do you think Walt will ever see Vincent again?
It's possible

Are you disappointed that things didn't work out better for Michael and Walt on the show?
No, not at all. I truly enjoyed my time on the show, and have learned so much. I am just grateful for the time I had.

Who do you think is more connected to the island? Aaron or Walt?
I think they are connected the same, in different ways. Obviously Aaron being born on the island give him a large tie, but walt has similar abilities to Locke to communicate with it.

How important is Walt for the show.
Just as important as all the other actors, film producers, writers, set coordinators, and everyone else that works on this amazing show.

Is Walt going back to the island?
Maybe if we cross our fingers.

Can we expect to see Walt in the season 5 finale?
Yes, keep your eyes on the t.v.!

Do you think you’re better than Richard Alpert, because you do age?
Haha no not at all. Richard Alpert, is one of the most unique characters I have ever seen on T.V. And I think he fits in perfectly with the show.

And last but not least, is there something you want to tell all the fans?
Thank you all for all of your support! Lost would be no where with out fans like you who care about the show, and care about the people in the show. Your support has been nonstop and for that, I thank you.

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, great interview!

    Am going mad over the n/c comments! I hope he's back in Lost soon.

  2. After the interview I'm sure he'll be back soon! :D And I love it because his character is awesome.

  3. What a gracious interview! Very mature and well-spoken. I hope we do see more of him.


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