dinsdag 17 februari 2009

Dutch Lost interviewt Ethan

Wij gaan Ethan uit Lost, oftewel William Mapother, interviewen. Dit is natuurlijk geweldig maar we zijn nog hard op zoek naar goede vragen aan hem.

Heb jij een vraag aan Ethan? Mail ons of laat het weten in een reactie.

That's okay, just leave your question to William Mapother aka Ethan in a comment or e-mail us!

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7 opmerkingen:

  1. If you speak English you can also leave your question to William Mapother.

    Just leave a comment.

  2. My question is:

    When reading the scripts do you get the same sense of surprise at twists that we do on television? Specifically, in the beginning of "Not in Portland," we see Juliet going through a routine, including walking past your character, leading us to believe they're on the Island until she pulls the curtain and we learn it's actually Miami. Do the slug lines indicate a pre-Island flashback, or does it leave it to your imagination until the reveal?

  3. (Oh, and he'll know this but a "slug line" like I referred to is the headline of a scene, like "INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT")

  4. I'll see if I can get it in the interview!

  5. I managed to get your question in, William will answer it :)

  6. Will this be filmed and uploaded..
    or imagined and written down?

  7. We can't film it because we mail with William. You have to decide for yourself whether you believe it or not.

    I'll post a screenshot of the e-mail if you doubt our website so much.


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